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Continuous innovation

Saves Energy & increase heat efficiency 18 ~ 30%.
Simple design, modularized all components & parts that reduce operating costs 50%.
Developing innovative technology for energy efficiency, cooking quality, safety, and reliability.

Advanced Heat Exchange Technology

A 3-path heat transfer system allows for reasonable energy usage and complete combustion. In order for the heat generated by the burner to be transmitted efficiently by the frying oil, it is designed so that the heat energy generated by the burner is emitted externally after passing through a 3-way path. As a result, we are able to drastically reduce heat loss by transmitting heat generated by the burner more efficiently through the frypot, where it can be emitted through the flue. It is now possible to vastly improve the temperature recovery time according to the characteristics of the food being cooking in addition to efficiency and savings from gas usage. As an example, when suddenly adding a large volume of cold food to be fried such as frozen potatoes, a much higher temperature recovery time for the marked difference in cooking oil temperature can be secured to minimize the change in food quality and taste.

Advanced Burner Durability

Metal fiber burner was invented by delitas technology for the first in the world.
Create complete combustion & Low harmful emissions.
Quick temperature recovery by high efficiency and durability.
12 years life cycle
Saves Energy

Food quality Control
When you require the dependability of consistent cooking, programmable controllers provide the optimal answer. They modify and regulate cooking times automatically to make sure food is prepared in an identical way regardless of amount being cooked. Programmable buttons allow the user to easily assign menu items to single, push-button choices; while the LED screen displays the device’s cooking options and conditions including cooking time and cooking temperature clearly.