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CEO message

Delitas (KT&E) strives to become a leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial-use fryers, fryer infrastructure, holding system, grill & griddles and associated technologies. Delitas (KT&E) seeks to grow by developing more technologically advanced product designs that maintain high levels of reliability, revolutionary new products, and provide effective customer service and support to our global customer base. Delitas (KT&E) helps your operations to become more profitable by reducing operational and maintenance costs with the provision of outstanding value characterized by market-leading performance, superb reliability, functionality, assured quality and reasonable pricing. Delitas (KT&E) makes customer satisfaction its top priority while at the same time valuing its staff. All of us here at Delitas (KT&E) believe that we must make customer service our number one goal and ensure our success is measured by our ability to meet customer needs. We only succeed if you succeed! Delitas (KT&E) looks forward to growth both in Korea and abroad by participating in all relevant market segments. Delitas (KT&E) stands committed to leading the industry in innovation, reliability, customer service and design. This dedication is what drives us at Delitas (KT&E) and our promise to you.


Our company was started in 1997 as a fast food cooking equipment developer and specialist manufacturer. We have made tireless efforts to become a company that has earned the trust of consumers for developing high-quality products to provide a base for industrial development in the restaurant business and provide domestic technology for an industry previously dependent on imported machinery. Additionally, our employees have epitomized creativity, openness, and a global mindset to foster an ability to adapt and a sense of confidence that they are the best at what they do. Based on a corporate culture of 'honesty', each and every employee will aim to achieve their vision and dreams based on passion and a set of values and help the company become a leader in the restaurant machinery business.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is our special promise to you. We aim to not only satisfy but go beyond your expectations by ensuring absolute quality in our products and services. All our business operations demand the highest levels of quality. We only succeed if your needs are met. Delitas (KT&E) promises to design, manufacture, and provide support for customers to ensure we become the world's leading food service equipment company. Delitas (KT&E) does not rest on past successes and continues to pursue innovation in quality management with improved quality standards. Our focus on quality is absolute, no issue is too small to escape our attention, in the factory or the customer service center. The key to our success is the commitment by everyone at Delitas (KT&E) to continued quality.

ISO 14001:2009

Delitas's Quality Management System is registered to ISO 14001:2009.

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